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teenagers and addiction

Teenager rehab is specialized for the unique needs of teenagers.

Why is Teen Rehab Important?

Teens seem to experiment with drugs and alcohol at increasingly tender ages. Although not all of these experiments lead to addiction, the ones that do tend to shatter young lives.

Teen rehab can put teens back on the road to health, wellness and success. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation program gets to the root of the problems that contributed to the teen’s dependence on drugs and alcohol. A rehab program also offers insights on the teen’s mental health and emotional issues. Successfully completing a rehabilitation program has been known to help teens reconnect with friends and family and achieve academic success.

Benefits of Teen Rehab

Drug addiction can have adverse effects on the teen’s body. Their skin may prematurely age while the heart and other vital organs weaken. The longer the teen is without harmful substances in their body, the stronger their body becomes and the more effectively their organs function. Digestion becomes a more healthful process and sleep patterns begin to return to normal. Many teens turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with difficult emotional issues.

One of the main benefits of teen rehab is that teens learn to confront and constructively deal with negative emotions. A stay in a teen rehab center introduces them to coping strategies that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Drugs and alcohol have a tendency to cloud the mind and obscure the reasoning process. Without their influence, the teen is free to develop logical thinking modes and can strategize rational responses to unique situations. Many teens who successfully complete a rehab program go on to succeed in school and forge a new closeness with friends and family. Their newly acquired physical health, emotional stability and mental acuity serve them well.

How Teen Rehab Helps Teens Overcome Addiction

While in the treatment facility, the teen may undergo neurological and physical assessments to determine the level of damage the teen has suffered as a result of their drug or alcohol dependency. Doctors and treatment center specialists may also give a psychological examination or look for signs of other related problems like eating disorders. Once the initial battery of tests is complete, the treatment center specialists will prescribe a course of treatment.

This treatment may consist of small group meetings between teens and a counselor. Most teens will also receive one-on-one treatment with a counselor or psychiatrist. The program may also incorporate learning stress management techniques and utilizing art therapy or physical activity to help build coping skills.

Importance of Specialized Rehab Programs that are Tailored to Teens

Teens are still developing mentally, physically and emotionally. Consequently, treatment methods may differ from those offered to adults. The pressures and stresses that are encountered as an adolescent can be quite different from those common to adults. A rehab program tailored to teens takes note of these differences and modifies the approach used to more effectively assist the teen to become substance free in the future.