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What Is Teen Rehab?

drug rehab for teens

Rehab for teenagers is a way to help your teen overcome a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

Teen rehab is where those addicted to drugs or alcohol have the toxins left behind by the drugs as well as any remaining drugs released from their bodies. It’s important for teens to be placed in teen rehabilitation to accomplish this process because they can experience withdrawal symptoms, such as chills, depression, anxiety and severe sweating. These symptoms can be uncomfortable enough for the teens to want to use drugs again, so being in a place where their symptoms can be managed will benefit them greatly.

Once the drugs are safely out of the teens’ systems, the teen rehab facility will move into the counseling phase. Individual counseling gives each teen an opportunity to identify the cause of their addictions. They offer the privacy teens need to discuss difficult issues that have occurred in their lives and led them to believe that taking drugs or drinking alcohol was a solution to their problems.

Teen rehabilitation also offers teenagers a place to participate in group counseling. Group counseling benefits teens because they are given a place to discuss their addictions amongst a group of people who understand exactly what they have experienced. They also receive moral support from the group that helps them to continue to fight to stay off of drugs and refrain from drinking alcohol to escape.

Once teens successfully complete the teen rehabilitation program, they are ready for after care. After care uses counseling on an individual basis and with the teens’ families to ensure that teenagers can live outside of the rehab facility without resorting to their old, destructive ways.

How Does Teen Rehab Differ From Adult Rehab?

An adult rehabilitation program would be inadequate for teenagers because teens are known to be influenced greatly by their peers. Adult rehab does not address the issue of peer pressure because, generally, it does not apply to adults. Teen rehab, on the other hand, focuses extensively on the peer pressure that causes teens to take their first drugs and their first drinks and causes them to become addicted.

Adult rehab is a place where the staff concentrates on helping those addicted to drugs or drinking alcohol to stop the habit. Teen rehab is different because it needs to address the reasons that teens saw taking drugs or drinking alcohol as a positive thing to do. Teen rehabilitation often does this by heavily involving the teens’ families in the counseling sessions to improve family dynamics.

Why Is It Important to Have Specialized Rehab for Teens?

Parents need the option of teen rehab for their children because these centers help to treat the entire problem rather than just the addiction. Teens will be addicted to drugs or alcohol for different reasons, and teen rehabilitation that can address those specific reasons will be the most successful in helping them remain off of drugs and alcohol.

Some teens become addicted because they cannot find constructive ways to manage their emotions. Rehab facilities exist that can address issues such as these in their counseling sessions.