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Teen Rehab FAQ

Parents especially tend to have many questions and concerns when it comes to teen rehab. The most common questions to arise for a parent who is considering teen rehab for their son or daughter is, “What is teen rehab?” But many other questions may also come to mind. Teen rehab is a difficult subject as no parent or guardian wants to think about their teen using drugs or alcohol, and especially not to the point that they require treatment but unfortunately, these things do happen and the use of drugs or alcohol by a teen requires immediate help to stop such actions in their tracks.

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What is Teen Rehab?

Teen rehab is a general term given to the programs and treatment that are provided to teens who suffer from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and who require help in order to stop. Very similar to adult rehab, teen rehab uses a series of counseling, therapy, detoxification and aftercare to assist teens in overcome the physical and psychological dependence they have on drugs rendering them clean and sober. The primary difference between teen rehab and adult rehab programs is that teen rehab programs cater to the thoughts, interests, activities and problems that teens have rather than to the interests and feelings of adults.

Recognizing that teens will respond to very different forms and methods of treatment than adults will, and also recognizing that teens use drugs and alcohol for very different reasons than adults do, teen rehab centers are able to tailor programs, treatment, counseling and therapy to their individual needs. Tailoring the treatment regimen to the needs of teens rather than placing focus on adult problems and concerns, teen rehab centers are able to provide a more effective and rewarding experience for teens.

Why is Teen Rehab Important?

The importance of teen rehab programs is simple outlined by the benefits that come with a teen entering into a qualified addiction treatment program that is tailored to their needs. Teens have various emotional needs, physical needs and psychological needs that are all quite different from the needs of an adult suffering from addiction. This is why it is important for rehab centers to specialize their programs to meet the needs and concerns of teens if they are going to actually help teens get well.

Teen rehab programs provide teens with more than just counseling and therapy. The programs are designed with teens in mind and include education, activities, exercise, meals and fun all planned around the particular interests of teens. For instance, where an adult rehab may serve meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner, a teen rehab program is likely to serve pizza and soda. The individual interests and tastes of the teen are considered in every facet of treatment to ensure their comfort and happiness while embarking on the recovery journey.

What Makes Teen Rehab Effective?

While there is no single component that makes teen rehab effective, many different aspects come to mind. First, teen rehab must cater to the unique needs, likes and interests of the teen in order to be effective. Additionally, effective teen rehab programs make recovery fun by incorporating activities, education and excursions into the treatment plan.

Effective teen rehab programs involve the parents, friends or family members in the teen’s recovery process. Many will include trips or outings to community events or other fun places such as amusement parks, the movie theater or the skating rink. One thing that every effective teen rehab program does is make the teen feel like they can recover and have fun at the same time, without the use of drugs or alcohol.

What Does Teen Rehab Cost?

The costs associated with teen rehab differ from one program to the next and are based on a number of factors including:

  • Level of care provided (inpatient or outpatient)
  • The need for medications (more medication = higher cost)
  • The type of facility (private, community run, state funded, etc)
  • Length of program (30 days, 90 days, more)

While these are not the only factors that go into determining the cost of teen rehab, they are the most common factors to begin looking at. Depending on the severity of addiction that a teen suffers from as well as whether there are any underlying mental conditions the cost of teen rehab could be quite low or it could run significantly higher than expected.

Fortunately, there are many ways to cover the cost of teen rehab. Most insurance plans have at least some coverage for rehabilitation and some will cover the entire cost of treatment so the first place to look for answers when it comes to how you will afford for teen rehab is the insurance company. For those who do not have insurance coverage, there are often state funded programs or private rehab programs that use sliding fee scales that are based on income.

Affordable teen rehab options can sometimes be found by talking with the teens primary care physician, the school or with local law enforcement. Sometimes even churches or religious organizations will help parents pay for the cost of teen rehab if the teen has been (or once was) an active member of the congregation or if the parents of the teen are actively involved with the church. Regardless how you come up with the ability to pay for teen rehab, the end result is placing your teen in a safe, secure environment where they can get the help they need to overcome addiction and live sober.