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What Does Teen Rehab Cost?

Teen drug and alcoholism is such a common problem among young people for various reasons. Any substance abuse can be the result of teen pressure, problems at home, hanging with the wrong crowd or low self-esteem. Adolescence is extremely difficult as a child goes through puberty and tries to adjust between those childhood and adult years.

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There are different factors that affect the cost of teen rehab.

As responsible parents, you want to help your child at any age but many times the teenager is very resistant to help. They surely don’t think they have a problem, but watching your child and the road it is taking, you know you must take a stand to get your teen in rehab. Some parents have concerns because of the cost of teen rehab.

Factors In Determining the Cost of Teen Rehab

When considering teen rehab cost, there are several things that determine the financial aspect of the rehab facility. Location of the facility and the current economy can play a factor in the cost as well as the amount of treatment needed for your teen. If you want to estimate the cost, research the various options – more options racks up higher costs. Some options to consider are – whether they have a special in-house chef with specialized type of cooking, types of housekeeping services, special outings and transportation to and from the events as well as the ratio of personnel or staff to each client/patient.

A higher-cost facility will have more expensive amenities such as a television in each room, access to cell phones, laptops and wireless internet connections. These facilities also provide more specialized personnel as well, such as PhDs and addiction experts. Advanced therapy options may include equine therapy, yoga, art therapy or any other specialized programs.

An important aspect of teen rehab cost is family intervention. You cannot help your child fully without your support, frequent visits and working together with the specialists who are trying to get your teen on the right path. Outpatients programs can be more cost effective and would require more family connection. In order to know your monetary responsibility, contact your insurance company and realize the expenses they cover.

Finding Affordable Teen Rehab

In finding a rehabilitation to meet your needs as far as amenities and the cost of teen rehab, first check with your regular doctor or hospital for recommendations of reputable facilities. When calling various services, it is important to ask all the appropriate questions to know what they offer – inpatient opposed to outpatient and the length of stay for your particular teens. Of course, it depends on the severity of the addiction.

Ask about the involvement of family in your teen’s rehab. You will also need to know what types of medical therapy options are involved. A staff of doctors and nurses can more closely monitor withdrawals and other stages in addiction – better for the teen, but with more involved teen rehab cost.

It would be disheartening to think that you could not get your teen the appropriate help needed because of cost. Survey all your options regarding insurance, any medical payment plans or options. Most hospitals, doctors and facilities are happy to work with you in order to help your teen with a drug and alcohol addiction.