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About Teen Rehab

Teen rehab encompasses a number of different rehabilitation and treatment programs that cater to the individual needs of teens suffering from addiction or mental illness. These programs help teens to overcome addiction or mental illness by providing them with knowledge, tools and the empowerment to take action, move forward and recover. Depending on the individual needs of the teen one of the following types of teen rehab may be necessary:

rehab for teens

If your teen has a problem with mental health or addiction, rehab can help.

  • Inpatient rehab for teens
  • Outpatient rehab for teens
  • Residential rehab for teens
  • Long term rehab for teens

Each of these types of rehab for teens provides a different level of care but they all typically utilize a similar foundation for teen treatment which is built upon:

  • Detoxification
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Aftercare

Drug Rehab for Teens

For teens suffering from addiction to drugs, the best solution is drug rehab. For teens, this type of rehabilitation program provides educational tools and counseling to support the various concerns and problems that teens have when it comes to using drugs. Understanding that teens use drugs for a number of reasons, drug rehab programs for teens focus on these individual reasons for the drug abuse and help teens overcome the factors that have caused them to use drugs be it physical or emotional abuse, problems at home or school, or some other reason.

Drug rehab for teens provides the following benefits:

  • Specific teen issues are targeted
  • The need of the teen are considered every step of the way
  • Teens interact with others who have similar problems, interests and concerns
  • Teens are provided with a safe place to bond with family
  • Teens learn how to cope with stress without the use of drugs

Teen Alcohol Rehab

No teen should drink alcohol but for those who do drink and who end up becoming addicted to alcohol, the need for teen alcohol rehab arises. Teen alcohol rehab provides teens with a structured environment that is monitored to prevent future alcohol use. Depending on the level of addiction that the teen suffers from there may be the need for either inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab. Each of these types of rehab for teens provides a different level of support and monitoring. For those with severe alcohol addiction, inpatient rehab is necessary while for those with a less severe alcohol addiction, outpatient rehab can be beneficial.

Teen alcohol rehab differs from adult rehab programs. Most teens don’t drink for the same reasons that most adults do and this is why there is such a need for teens to get specialized help. Teen alcohol rehab programs cater to the individual concerns of teens and help them to overcome their stress and triggers that cause them to drink.

Counseling, therapy and support are provided during teen alcohol rehab regardless of the type of rehab that is chosen. Teens are educated on the dangers of alcoholism and also on the importance of living sober. Family involvement is encouraged in most teen alcohol rehab programs but for teens who have been physically or mentally abused, the involvement may not happen at all or it may be structured into a family rehabilitation or counseling plan.

Teen Drug Rehab

For teens who use drugs such as methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin or prescription medications, teen drug rehab can help. Drug rehab provides counseling that is aimed at teaching teens how to cope with stress, how to handle triggers and situations that cause them to use drugs and how to live drug free. Unlike adult drug rehab that caters to the needs of an adult, teen drug rehab focuses on the unique situations that happen every day in the life of a teen.
Teen drug rehab includes the following types of programs to help the teen overcome addiction and recover:

  • Educational programs
  • Trust building programs and activities
  • Physical health programs and training
  • Emotional and spiritual guidance including religious programs
  • Relationship building skills programs to help build nurturing friendships

Teens respond quite differently to rehab than adults do and this is why teen drug rehab is so important. Through teen drug rehab, teens are provided with the support and guidance they need to make better choices and to improve on the decisions that they make both in and out of rehab. From family problems to problems at school, social problems to emotional problems, every facet of teenage life can be examined and incorporated into a teen drug rehab program that is individually created for a particular teen in need.

Inpatient teen drug rehab provides teens with around-the-clock monitoring and supervision in a controlled environment where drugs are strictly prohibited. During inpatient drug rehab, teens endure detox, counseling and therapy that is aimed at helping them to take control of their actions, learn from their mistakes and most importantly, heal from their addiction to drugs. Teens who suffer from dangerous or significantly difficult to overcome addictions are likely to require the treatment of an inpatient teed drug rehab center.

For all teens who have already completed inpatient rehab or for those who are not heavily addicted to drugs and who do not suffer from any severe mental illness or trauma, outpatient drug rehab is usually a suitable option for addiction treatment. During outpatient drug rehab, teens receive much of the same counseling and education that is provided at an inpatient facility but they are able to remain at home with their parents, the can continue to attend school and their personal life is only minimally disrupted by treatment. This is the ideal solution for teens whose addiction has not taken full control of their life.