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Drug Rehab for Teens

Many teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol. However, for some teens, drug use goes beyond experimentation. When a teenager allows drug and alcohol use to take priority over friends, academics and family time, he or she needs help. It’s important to get young people who need help into drug rehab for teens as soon as possible so that their drug problem won’t destroy their future or ruin the rest of their life.

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Drug rehab can help your teen live a healthier and safer life!

Benefits of Drug Rehab for Teens

Enrolling your child in drug rehab for teens gives him or her the best chance of living a successful and happy life. In some cases, it may even save your child’s life.

Some of the benefits of enrolling your child in a program specifically for teens rather than a general rehabilitation program are:

  • Your child will receive treatment for issues that are specific to teenagers. For example, teenagers struggle with figuring out their sexual orientation, fitting in with their peer group and both academic and social pressure. Treatment in teen-specific programs is aimed at helping teens learn to deal with these problems without resorting to drugs or alcohol.
  • Your child will be among other teenagers who struggle with similar addictions. This allows him or her to make new friends and feel less isolated.
  • Your child will get intensive therapy and treatment so that he or she has the best chances of overcoming addiction problems and returning to health.

Choosing Drug Rehab for Teens

Not all rehab programs are alike, however; you need to research each drug rehab for teens in your area and determine which program is the best fit for your child. Consider the rehab’s location from your home; as treatment progresses, your child may be able to come home on weekends, and you will want to visit him or her regularly. You also want to consider the types of treatment available, what types of addictions program staff are familiar with, and whether your child has any special needs. For example, if your child has a disability or is non-heterosexual, you may need to find a drug rehab for teens that is specifically meant for young people with certain needs.

Paying for Drug Rehab

Some drug rehabs for teens accept health insurance. If the program you’re interested in doesn’t accept insurance or you don’t have insurance for your kids, you can usually talk to the financial department of the rehab. Many rehabs offer payment plans where you can pay a certain amount per month or offer grants and loans for parents who want to get help for their teens.

Types of Drug Rehab for Teens

Most drug rehab for teens is inpatient, meaning that the teen lives at the drug rehab center rather than at home. Some drug rehab for teens offer the teen the ability to go home on weekends, and most rehabs encourage parents to be involved in treatment.

Some rehabs offer academic assistance. These rehabs help kids who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse to get caught up with their school work so that they can return to school once they complete rehab.

Finally, there are rehabs that offer dual diagnosis treatment. These rehabs offer treatment for underlying mental health issues such as depression or bipolar disorder at the same time as they offer drug rehab so that these mental health issues don’t influence teens to return to drug use.