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Residential Rehab for Teens

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Residential treatment offers around the clock care for your teen.

Once it’s been realized that a teen is afflicted with a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s time to consider the appropriate/best option for rehab for the particular teen in need. Residential rehab for teens is a very good option. Let’s consider why this is true and how specialized rehab for teens work.

What is Residential Rehab for Teens?

Residential rehab for teens is a controlled environment designed for the particular needs of teenagers. A residential environment equates to a home environment setting where a teen will feel more comfortable than in a hospital type atmosphere.

How is Residential Rehab for Teens Different from Residential Rehab for Adults?

Of course the obvious difference in teen and adult rehab programs is that one is set up exclusively to address the needs of teens, and the other addresses the needs of adults. Reasons that led teens to addictions and those that led adults to addiction, in most cases are generally unalike. Adults and teens are at different places emotionally and socially. Therefore it stands to reason that the approach to therapy for teens should be age-appropriate. Exposure to adult problems is not conducive to good therapy for teens.

Treatment Provided at Residential Rehab

Generally a residential rehab program requires a 30-60 day stay. In some extreme cases, teens may need longer stays, stretching into months, or even years before they can integrate back into society as a clean and sober person. Therapy includes intense counseling which includes parental involvement. It’s common for teens to feel abandoned or punished when they are placed in rehab. Parental involvement and support is crucial to relieving these negative feelings. Peer support groups and individual counseling is available throughout the stay. Usually little or no drugs are involved in treating addiction.

Benefits of Residential Rehab for Teens

The success rate in teen residential rehab programs is one of the major benefits for placing your child in this type of program. Support groups and therapy is available continuously throughout a teen’s stay in a residential setting. More intense therapy is involved in teen programs, and since parents are encouraged to be a part of the therapy, they become learned in the needs of their teen. Parental involvement also reduces the instances of relapse. Building self-esteem is a crucial part of drug and alcohol therapy. Combining parent/teen counseling is an effective way to accomplish this part of the therapy. When teens and parents work together in therapy sessions, they learn much needed coping tools needed for success on the outside.

There isn’t anything more important than preparing your teen for realities of the world in which we live. On the up-side of dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, is the opportunity for therapy and learning your child’s needs. This could give your teen even better advantages than teens without addiction problems. As we raise our children we are continually seeking specialization for our children, whether it’s traditional medical care, educational or recreational needs. So why not take the same approach to the very debilitating issue of teen drug/alcohol addiction? Ultimately, choosing the right rehab facility for your teen can play an important part in your teen’s future.

Bottom line, a residential rehab for teens is a wise choice for parents who want the best possible results for their child’s recovery from alcohol or drug abuse.